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tv   11 News Sunrise  NBC  August 12, 2009 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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>> good morning, everybody. welcome back to, "11 news today. >> we will get a check on weather and traffic. so far so good in both departments. >> not quite as humid today. we will be in the mid 80's in contrast to the 90's we saw a few days ago. more cloud coming thanks to an upper level trough.
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72 degrees at bwi marshall. a slight chance of isolated showers later on this afternoon. 85 degrees-88 degrees. >> you want to get up early and leave now when it is this light. >> maybe. >>, your morning commute is light. not seeing a lot in terms of volume. that is good news to report. here is what is happening. 61 miles per hour on the north east side. i'd 70 is moving very well this morning. -- i-70 is moving very well this morning. let's check a couple of live cameras for you.
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we are moving well. a problem free as the switchover to a live view of traffic on the beltway. that is the latest on traffic. back to you. >> baltimore city officials say that crime cameras around the city is helping. >> footage from a crime camera in an area proves that his client is not guilty. our reporter has more on this story. >> good morning. you are right. lamont davis pruett -- pleaded not guilty in court. he says video evidence will prove his client is innocent. >> the video shows a man in a black shirt standing on a corner
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with bystanders. he starts chasing a man in white shirt firing several shots. once the shooting is over, you see neighbors gathered around a five year-old raven wyatt. she is critically injured in the crossfire. lamont davis was charged with attempted first-degree murder. in a bold defense mood, his public defender released this video saying the shooter is not davis. police said he was wearing a mouth functional gps monitoring device when he was arrested. the video shows the shooter was not wearing one. >> he is doing this with a very good reason. >> a law professor has gone up against davis's attorney. the video could lead to an acquittal of the case. >> you have to start influencing the jurors long before they are jurors. >> because of the intense media
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coverage surrounding the case, the attorney had no choice but to release the tape to even the playing field. >> he has gotten very frustrated in the past couple of weeks having his client be found guilty in the medium as he would probably put it. >> according to court documents, several witnesses also identified davis as the shooter. wbal-tv. >> two female students say they were sexually assaulted while on some training assignments. one incident happened in june in north falk, virginia. both cases are being investigated. no charges have been filed at this time. >> some much-needed love this morning for some puppy september down near a dumpster in a sealed container. -- for some puppies found near a
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dumpster in a sealed container. >> these puppies are small, curious, and still seem to trust people despite what they have gone through. there were found near a dumpster. they were inside this plastic tub trapped under a sealed lead. >> someone was walking by and heard some noises. they found eight puppies in the box. >> the executive director says the dogs was near death. they rebounded quickly once exposed to cold air and water. >> their prognosis is great. >> while they will likely find homes, she is disturbed by the problem of animal abandonment in the city. the dogs were so close to an agonizing end. >> it is not a quick death.
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you are causing heat stroke. you are causing them to suffer. that is not the answer. letting the animals roam free is not the is a. >> she says dogs and cats left to fend for themselves can be targets for animal abusers. this cat was set on fire twice in late july. these puppies caught a break. they are headed to a rescue bricshelter. >> sc>> school er. >> school o13 >> school officials are trying to make this school year a great one. students spoke encouraging words writing on the momentum of a better test scores. >> i am not worried and i have
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no fear. i think we will have a great school here. >> we seem to have something going. it is making people pay attention. >> mayor dixon promised more help from city hall. school begins august 31. >> there is a new electric car and giving up to take over the roads. there is a rechargeable electric car called the chevy volt . it allows consumers to travel 230 miles on 1 gallon of gas. it relies solely on a battery. >> americans commute fewer than 40 miles a day. most drivers will operate on a daily basis without having to
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use a single drop of gas. >> it is expected in showrooms next year costing around $40,000. that brings us to our watercooler question of the day. would you pay $40,000 fpr a car that gets 230 miles per gallon? email us your response to very impressive. >> it is a good-looking car. >> coming up, a new diabetes test could be available in the u.s. helping thousands of people save money each year. >> women who suffer from ovarian cancer has improvements. >> and disabled vehicle on the north side. overall, a good ride. what are you doing for lunch? how about beer-battered shrimp and chips... or one of our coastal soup and grilled shrimp salad combinations? eight dishes that fit into your lunch hour...
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starting at just $6.99. at red lobster.
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>> top of the morning to you. it is 72 degrees. cloud cover today bookkeepers into the mid 80's. a low pressure is churning through our west at 85 degrees- 80 degrees. the orioles will take on oakland. it will be mostly cloudy. it should be good today. that is it for now. more coming up. >> in this morning's "medical alert" a license to market a product that could vastly improve the lives of those suffering from diabetes. in medication treats foot ulcers that puts patients at risk of imputation. it has been tested on many patients.
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there are 22 million diabetes sufferers in the united states. 83,000 invitations are carried out each year. >> taking every precaution to preserve the fertility of ovarian cancer patients is a primary focus of some. one-third chose to keep their healthy ovaries. the rest have their ovaries removed. there is no difference in survival between the two groups. they looked at those who kept their uterus. preserving the uterus did not affect survival. researchers did not study how many women as successful pregnancies. coming up, it is not every day you find some metal on a sidewalk. a story is making it possible for a piece of space to be
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yours. >> here is a live look at traffic at liberty road this morning. we will update weather and traffic so stay with us. you
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>> we are checking your morning commute. we are not dealing with anything major. justed the seybold -- just a disabled vehicle on the outer loop. no sign of any delays as a result of it. 11 minutes on the outer loop. the major roadways of looking the. he's -- here is a live view of a traffic. we have a little more volume because of the disabled vehicle.
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it does not appear to be backing up. let's check on what is happening in howard county. northbound lanes are moving well towards the beltway. problem free on 95 and the white marsh area. let's get the latest on the buses and trains. >> good morning. we had a few delays and diversions on the buses. the five the bus with a 50 minute delay. 41 bus with a diversion and 70 bus the version due to road construction. the light rail is looking good. metro subway is also on time. now back to sandra shaw. >> good morning. top of the day to you. sums thunderstorms -- some
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thunderstorms passed through last night. in area of low pressure is turning over west virginia. we have been engulfed ration of cloud cover -- we have an infiltration of cloud cover as a result. we have a break in heat and humidity. 76 degrees downtown. 72 degrees around the airport. upper elevations around 74 degrees. a mix of sun and clouds. 87 degrees around baltimore. 86 degrees is normal for this time of year. we have a slight chance of seeing some thunderstorms however they will be isolated. 87 degrees on the shores of ocean city. went out of the northwest on the chesapeake bay. waves only 1 foot or less.
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chesapeake bay waters have risen to 83 degrees. tonight, we will be mostly cloudy of around 72 degrees. there is an area of low pressure. there is the low spending over west virginia. a stalled out front. it's like it's of thunderstorms each and every afternoon over the next couple of days. this is a tropical depression number two. it may become the first tropical storm of the season named anna. this is to the west way out in the atlantic. we do not know what the system will do. it has been a quiet hurricane season so far thanks to wl nino. -- el nino.
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we are monitoring this. mid 80's for the duration of your seven-day forecast. >> thank you. summer brings the possibility for storms and dangerous lightning. >> most of the flashes come from thunder clouds above our heads. our colleague has more that this danger can create. >> a brilliant flash in just an instant. it could bring beauty and pain. >> it could have been your son. it is tragic. >> lightning does not discriminate and it does not play fair. just ask this 14 year-old who was struck in the head when they ran outside during a storm. >> i remember saying what is the
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worst that can happen? i will get struck by lightning. that is what happened. >> in the u.s., as many as 25 million flashes of lightning per year is average. more are killed by lightning than tornadoes or hurricanes. 2. 009 more than -- in2009 more than two dozen have been killed. >> a large flashlight blow may of the truck. i felt a lot of electricity going through my body. >> researchers are trying to understand more about the science behind lightning. >> it is hard to understand why
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get started. and how it attaches to the ground. the result of that will play into light better lighting production eventually. for those who have felt at first hand, there is only one thing to learn. >> heeded the warning of it. take cover. get inside. >> 4 to many it is a lesson learned the hard way. nbc news. >> some lucky people. >> there is much more ahead on "11 news today. >> here is a look at last night's winning lottery numbers. the glut.
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>> santa fe new mexico is home to pricey shops. there is a bulky space rock that can be yours for $500,000. >> you wonder where it has been. >> it is too heavy for anyone to lift themselves. they brought it in on a
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forklift. >> waiting at 2.5 tons, this space walk -- weighing 2.5 tons, this space rock can be yours for five moderate thousand dollars. -- for half a million dollars. >> this material is from the core of a large planet or planetary body that was blown apart. >> this is an educational shop. there are small oer astro-rock gragmentfragments. he has been collecting these
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items for years. he is tese items for years. he is trying to get more people hooked on what falls from the skies and what is found underground. >> having something from outer space, but if you look at the bigger picture, we are in outer space. >> very interesting. i found a rock just like that do in some gardening the other day. let us get to one of your answers to the watercooler question of the day. reggie from baltimore says he would pay that amount of money for the new hybrid if it included leather interior, and navigational system. if the interest rates on financing options increase, this
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would be quite a week after tags in licensing fees are included. >> here is a look ahead to our next hour. >> several in this world -- a visitor gets too friendly with a character. >> a former american i a contestant is now a mother. >> you may want this when you go out to eat if you are in a hurry. >> clout in the area. i will let you know what that means as far as the temperature.
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>> video evidence has been used to convict criminals in the past. one man says his client could be saved i


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